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Just Say, Yes Ma’am

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A book of manners for ALL ages



Ephesians 6;1 says, “children obey your parents in the Lord for this is right”.

Children don’t always obey their parents and they don’t always understand what their parents are facing. In this book you will find out why it’s important to be obedient to your parents. Being obedient takes the frustration away from our parents.

This book is designed to be a positive message to all young people to be respectful and kind. Saying yes ma’am is a response which should be learned and practiced from an early age. Yes, this message is simple, yet concise. Every time we respond with yes ma’am, I can see God  smiling; He is pleased when we respect others especially our parents. I pray this book spread in my community and across it’s borders reaching the hearts of many for the Glory of God. Join me in the positive movement of just saying Yes Ma’am. Many more books to come!