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Jordan Alls: Renowned Author, Blogger, & Kidpreneur

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Jordan Alls

Jordan Alls is 9 years old born in the Capital City of Florida and currently reside in Quincy, Florida. She attends Tallavana Christian School, 3rd grade. Her favorite subject is reading. She has a passion for helping others. Her desire is to become a Teacher and a MUA (Make-Up Artist). She’s a “Glitter Glam Girl” that really enjoy dressing up! Her hobbies are baking, blogging, and recording herself.

One of her goals in Life is to have her own Television Show, entitled, “Glitter Glam Girls”. She’s also a kidpreneur and one of the Co-Founders of Shellie Mae’s Lemonade. She’s currently apart of Greater Gadsden Inc. which is a youth program designed to help youth girls discover who they are and why they exist. She has 3 siblings and are cherished by her parents.

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